Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great site for Smartboard users

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Interactive Whiteboard Tutorials and Templates
SMART Board in the Classroom SMART BOARD for BULLDOGS
SMART Technology Educator Resources Interactive Whiteboards for Effective Primary Science
SMART Board Resources SMARTer Kids Foundation
Interactive Whiteboard Tips Interactive Whiteboards
Why Use an Interactive Whiteboard? A Baker's Dozen Reasons! Engaging Learners the SMARTboard Way
SMART Board Templates SMART Boards
Using Electronic Whiteboards in Your Classroom: Benefits Atomic Learning SMART Board Notebook 9.5 Tutorial: Mac (Subscription required)
Setting Up Your SMART Board Safely Atomic Learning SMART Board Notebook 9.5 Tutorial: Win (Subscription required)
SMART Training Center SMART Board Flash Tutorial
SMARTboard Links to Engaging Learners How to Use an Interactive Whiteboard
SMART Board Resources, Templates, and Training SMART Classroom Tutorials: Online Flash Movies
SMART Board Tutorials SMART Board Tutorial
Training Documents Using Electronic Whiteboards in Your Classroom: Profiles, ideas, lesson plans and web sites
SMART Board Music Lessons

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Resources for Smartboard-East Cleveland

Lesson Plans

Learning how to use the smartboard ( tutorial)
Touch, Write and Save

Download free Smartboard Software-You must have serial number or code for your unit.

Quick links to Smartboard resources


Video tutorials (9 videos) on smartboard
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